Miami Da Great featuring Da Official Pimpin Ken--On God

Artist name: Miami Da Great featuring Da Official Pimpin Ken 
Song: On God
Contact info: 
My name is marvin walker am 31 years am from Miami Florida Nw 15th ave  pork beans in Liberty city Me amd my mother would move back and forth to Miami and Atlanta my grandma live in Atlanta westside in the westend.
Music help me in life.i grown up listen to a lot R&B  Marvin Gaye Luther Vandross and R Kelly and some of Keith Sweat. I listen to a lot Marvin Gaye because we had the same first name and kids use to pick at me about my first name. Come find out my mother gave that name because she love Marvin Gaye music.I was raised by my step dad at age 9 i was introduce to hip-hop and reggae. You hear Bod marley 8 House up from where we live ever know it my dad i don't understand he made me listen to a lot music Krs-one the teacher. Nas,Jay-z ,2pac, and biggie and outkast  i fall in love with music than he put me on to jazz. I learned to play the  saxophone, piano,drums, i use to write a lot Pomos in high school I learned this how rappers make there music. I stared my music career my name was Mainman. Now i go by Miami Da Great i name my self that because everyone gave me the nick name and i got the great from this model who in taz Angels and juvenile.I love music all type of mother pass away August 25 2015 its the same day last my video Lit drop click the link